Integrated Guarding Solutions

Integrated Guarding Solutions

Integrated Guarding Solutions

P4P offers best in class Integrated Guarding Solutions. Quality begins with professionalism, competence and commitment, with a goal to empower security professionals to perform at the highest level.  P4P security professionals are always expected to:

  • Maintain a friendly and professional demeanor
  • Effectively communicate
  • Report to work on time
  • Maintain a neat, professional appearance
  • Understand and successfully execute post orders
  • Manage typical issues and problems in a professional manner

P4 Protective Services Integrated Guarding Solutions

The Integrated Guarding Solutions strategy includes recruiting, hiring, and training the best-qualified officers, utilizing industry-leading technologies/innovation to supplement programs, and retain senior leadership that is recognized and respected throughout the security industry.  P4P leadership has collective decades of experience serving the Chicago market and possesses the ability to meet and exceed all client standards and expectations.

  • Recruitment: P4P’s industry-leading recruiters utilize an extensive network and a 7-step process to recruit highly qualified individuals. P4P also uses the Kwantek platform to consolidate and identify quality candidates.
  • Scheduling: Utilizing the Trackforce Valiant to offer fluid scheduling, attendance verification and accurate invoicing. The P4P Ops Center and Field Management can support emergency requests and ensure appropriate backups are available in the event of a call off.
  • Advanced Assessment: P4P works with clients to coordinate efforts and analyze all variables for a vast range of security needs.
  • State Compliance: All officers meet the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) requirements for PERC (Permanent Employment Registration Cards), uniforms, and other state-required processing.
  • Network: The P4P team has deep-rooted partnerships and relationships with law enforcement senior leadership, municipal leadership, emergency management, and fire departments. These relationships are leveraged to provide additional law enforcement support, gather intelligence, and ensure officers can quickly/effectively liaise with law enforcement in the event of criminal activity at client locations.
  • Supervision: P4P ensures the appropriate management structure and supervisor-to-officer ratio are in place to consistently assess client sites and drive quality assurance.
  • Flex Force: P4P recruits and maintains a flex force of highly qualified and cross-trained flex officers to support the client’s additional needs, such as emergency requests, on-site events, and in the event of a call off to ensure continuity. Flex officers are highly compensated and continually trained for whatever the field requires.
  • Intangibles: P4P uses cutting-edge systems and solutions and a scalable Ops Center to support efforts in the field. These efforts keep P4P team members educated and aware of risks to ensure they are prepared for any event.
  • Recognition: P4P is committed to the well-being and commitment of all employees. In order to establish a strong working culture and as active members of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). P4P implements customized recognition programs exceeding industry guidelines and standards.


The P4P team provides directly relevant and concurrent services in a range of locations. Clients benefit from decades of experience in the security industry, as P4P delivers services quickly and efficiently, wherever and whenever needed. Performance agility within the P4P team enables appropriate scaling of response to emerging needs, thereby minimizing transition risk and staffing risk for the client. Rigorous quality control/quality assurance procedures are always in place, along with well-defined plans for risk mitigation, in addition to scope, cost, and time control. P4P management capabilities bolster proven technical capabilities, which drive program success.

The “Recruit-Assess-Appoint-Retain” strategy enables swift and seamless contract transition that preserves mission continuity. P4P can develop and maintain large rosters of qualified employees who can fill short notice requirements.

P4P has assembled an industry-leading solutions stack to include the following categories:P4 Protective Services Security Technology

  • Security Workforce Management Software
  • Access Controls
  • Video Surveillance
  • Remote Patrolling
  • Robots
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Shot Detection
  • Mass Communication

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