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P4 Protective Services LLC’s (P4P) sister company, P4 Security Solutions LLC (P4S) is a strategic security provider that provides specialized service offerings to P4P clientele in need of services to mitigate risks and address business needs outside of normal day-to-day security operations. P4S is under the same common ownership and leadership to ensure priorities and methodology are in unison. The P4S strategic approach provides clients with solid solutions to meet today’s most challenging security goals.

The P4S team was founded by security industry experts and former members of elite military and law enforcement units.  The P4S team has hundreds of years of combined experience which provides a genuine understanding of the risks and needs of clients at their locations-both locally and throughout the country.  P4S has brought together world-class professionals with various special backgrounds, each selected for their expertise and contributions in their respective fields.

When there is a potential for threat, there is no one more well equipped, trained, and disciplined to handle the situation than an Off-Duty Police Officer. Whether you need Off-Duty Police Services in Chicago or any location for a single event or around the clock coverage, we have you covered. Our company is recognized throughout Chicagoland and Illinois as the premier provider of professional Off-Duty and Retired Police officers. Our security roster exclusively consists of several hundred seasoned active and retired law enforcement officers.

  • Event security
  • Facilities security
  • Executive protection

High profile clients depend on P4 Security Solutions for comprehensive executive protection services and solutions. The experience of our management team and executive protection specialists/bodyguards is unrivaled in providing executive security to our specialized clientele. Our proven methodology sets us apart from other executive protection companies, providing security in a broad spectrum of situations and events. P4 Security Solutions delivers one-source security solutions in areas affecting both human and other physical resources.

  • Executive Protection Details
  • Low-Visibility Protection Details
  • High-Threat Protection
  • Vital Installation Security
  • Municipality Support
  • Workplace Violence Protection
  • High Value Asset Transit
  • Disaster and Crisis Response
  • Emergency Response

P4S's expert assessment and consultation team is capable of conducting industry-leading vulnerability assessments, risk analyses, crisis management assessments, and procedural audits for any industry anywhere in the world. At the culmination of each assessment or audit, our team's findings will be systematically briefed and submitted with recommendations in a clear, no-nonsense report. Our advisers are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure clients have a complete understanding of noted shortcomings and recommendations.

Through the reviews shown below, interviews with personnel, and more, our team gains an excellent understanding of the logistical layout of the facility, existing policies and procedures, and environment/culture, as they pertain to security:

  • Physical layout evaluation
  • Access control systems
  • Staffed professional security personnel

P4S training curriculum provides the education and responsiveness that is necessary for organizations to keep employees, visitors and clients safe. P4S offer a variety of security, emergency management and tactical training topics. These topics influence the culture of any location, will impact security programs and protocols and establish an understanding of how to mitigate risks in a crisis or emergency. P4S has a menu of pre-developed training courses and curriculum. P4 Security Solutions LLC also offers a customizable approach to training topics. If there is a subject that is specific to your security protocol, P4S will design a curriculum or course that addresses your requirement.

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